ATTENTION: UPDATE!!! In response to the COVID -19 ever changing guidelines the Training Site is making the following temporary change: The Training site will be open, but only to a limited number who sign up using the online reservation form. Priority will be given to current apprentices who are required to get their training hours in.


Training is open only to IUOE Local 9 Journeymen and Apprentices. I understand that by signing and completing my registration that agree to/understand:

  1. If I am not at the training site by 7:00 am I will not be able to attend class
  2. I will be willing and able to provide a paid to date dues receipt from Local 9
  3. I will adhere to the Safety and Guidelines of the Training Site
  4. I will stay until the day is complete
  5. I will be asked to leave the Training site if I fail to adhere to the above rules

On Saturdays, there is a mandatory safety meeting that starts at 7:00 am. If you miss the safety meeting and do not have your paid-to-date Dues Receipt, you will not be able to train or attend class at the Site that day.

Register for Classes: Click on Class to Register.


Basic Signaling for Cranes and basic Rigging for Cranes.


CDL Pre-trip Compliance

This course will cover a more in depth look at the Colorado Department of Transportation Pre-trip Inspection. PLEASE RSVP 25 HOURS BEFORE YOUR CLASS TO FILL OUT OUR COVID QUESTIONAIRE.

CPR/First Aid Class  

February 05, 2022. Click here to register

Forklift Operation

This course will prepare the member in taking the Forklift Operator written examination with an opportunity to take the Forklift Operator Assessment. 

January 15th & 22nd 2022. Click here to Register.

DOT Cargo Securement 

December 4, 2021 Click here to register

Diesel Fundamentals & Hydraulic Fundamentals

Basics of Diesel engines and hoe they work : Morning class

Basics of Hydraulics and how they work: Afternoon Class

December 18, 2021. Click here to register

February 12, 2022. Click here to register

Crane Courses Information

 You will need to bring you own calculator. Members will be assigned a Study manual and a student workbook at the beginning of the first class and will be expected to have that study manual and workbook with them at every class. The study manual is property of the Colorado Journeyman and Apprentice Training Site; Failure to return the study manual in good condition prior to test day will result in the member forfeiting their opportunity to take the written test and all fees associated withThese courses are progressive, and participation is expected. 

Scheduled Crane Study Classes:

Crane NCCCO Classes:


 Click here to sign up for the NCCCO Class on 02/19/2022.

Click here to register for the NCCCO Class on 02/26/2022.

Click Here to register for the NCCCO Class on 02/27/2022.

Click here to register for the NCCCO Review on 03/05/2022.

Click here to register for the NCCCO Test on 03/06/2022.


Any questions regarding this class shall be directed to the Crane Instructor, Corey Thieman.

(303) 246-1448


 Click Here for a syllabus

  NCCCO Mobile Crane Written Exams: 

You must turn the application in to the CJAT training site no later than 4 weeks before the Test.