Welcome to the homepage for the IUOE Local 9 Training Center

The Local No. 9 Apprenticeship has a 160 acre training site located east of Denver. There is a mechanics and welding shop, a classroom, and heavy equipment on site available for use in the training of all Local No. 9 members. This is paid for by a contract negotiated amount that is contributed to the Apprenticeship Fund, so there is no out-of-pocket cost to the members for the training. This site has classes and training for both Apprentices and Journeyman upgrade training. 




The CJAT Training Site will be closed Thursday, 7/4/2019 in observance Independence Day.



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As of today, 10-11-2018, due to the number of burned out clutches, destroyed transmissions and other truck damage there will be a designated day for CDL training TUES-FRIDAY. That day will be Tuesday, an appointment will be necessary to train in the truck. There must be an instructor in the truck at all times, NO DRIVING WITHOUT AN INSTRUCTOR.  




Journeyman Training

Journeymen must bring a paid to date UNION DUES receipt to present to the office for the verification of membership. Additionally, if you are attending the site for Training for the first time, please contact the training site at least 48-24 hours before attending training to reserve equipment. To reserve equipment please us the online reservation form.Training starts at 7:00 a.m. sharp if you are late your equipment will not be held for you and reservation voided. On Saturdays there is a mandatory safety meeting that starts at 7:00 am. If you miss the safety meeting  and do not have your paid-to-date Dues Receipt, you will not be able to train at the Site that day.



 Located At:
41801 E Quincy Ave
Bennett, CO 80102


 Hours of Operations:
 Hours: Tuesday-Saturday
              7:00 am- 3:30 pm


          Garry Edmondson


Office Manager:
          Casey Edmondson 


          Shannon Ridgway
          Jeff Nedjoika


Contact Us:
Training Site: 303-644-3909
Fax: 303-644-3905



 CJAT was excited  to work with Highnoon Entertainment, Facebook and Von Miller to be a part of Von Millers variety show, Von Miller's Studio 58 to air on Facebook Watch. Click on the photo to watch Garry Edmondson and Heavy equipment Instructor Shannon Ridgway instruct  Von Miller and his friends on how to operate heavy equipment.